Summer Programs 2019

RDI® Summer Camp

For younger (6-10 year olds) and older (10-14 year olds) children. During this camp participants will engage in hands-on projects, group games and collaborative experiences. The camp staff will guide the participants through new, meaningful opportunities and discoveries all while building on competence, self-regulation, and strengthening social awareness. This camp runs from 9am-2PM, Monday-Thursday, for one week during the summer (Older Campers: June 24-27 and Younger Campers July 8-11).

Circle of Friends

For ages 12-15. This program is for preteens and teens. It works on strengthening and building new peer relationships and developing social competence while on weekly outings to local establishments. Outings will take place each Thursday for 4 weeks from 1:30-4:30PM, during the month of July.

Community Service Group

This program is for teens and adults and will focus on one or more community service projects. It will emphasize communication, collaboration and conflict resolution among small groups of peers (3-4 per group). Perspective taking will also be a major focus since it is a service oriented program. The groups will meet weekly for 3 hours. Dates and times to be arranged with the group members.

Pre-Vocational Program

This program is for teens and adults and will emphasize daily living skills such as cooking, nutrition, cleaning, time management, transportation, fitness and money management. It will also involve problem solving, flexibility, sensory-motor skills and self-awareness. This group will meet weekly for 3 hours. Dates and times to be arranged with the group members.

Customized Extender Programs

We will be offering customized preschool programs for 3-5 year olds, peer matches and peer mentoring for any age children. These programs will also focus on individualized goal areas (E.g. sensory motor enhancement, communication focus, and/or academic instruction among other areas) while emphasizing building competence while engaging in a variety of meaningful activities. Fostering emotional connections and lasting memories are a major emphasis of these programs. Dates and times to be arranged based on personal schedules.

Summer Yoga!

This program will offer group yoga classes for 6 year olds through teens and focus on strengthening self-awareness, self-regulation, motor skills, mindfulness, and strategies for stress relief, while engaging in child focused yoga poses and guided relaxation. Weekly sessions will be held for 30 minutes each over a four week period.

Join Kathryn Bovino, certified RDI® consultant and Yoga Instructor, for a journey through yoga, promoting and developing self awareness, motor skills, and strategies for stress relief.Kathryn Bovino began practicing yoga in August 2000. In 2008, she was certified to teach Life   Balance Yoga Therapy and in 2012 she received certification to teach Aerial Yoga. Her instruction   experience extends from teaching a variety of styles and in a multitude of settings. She also has experience leading guided meditation, co-creating and teaching a yoga retreat, as well as teaching students privately. After 15 years, she continues to incorporate her yoga practice into her daily life, and enjoys teaching and sharing the therapeutic effects of yoga with others.

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