Sage Learning Center

A TAG Academic Program

Thank you for your interest in Sage Learning Center, a unique educational opportunity for families who are committed to the principles of the RDI® Program for their student with special needs. RDI ® is a developmental and cognitively based family focused program dedicated to treating the core deficits of individuals with special needs. Parents are guided to provide their child with opportunities for growth during daily life moments. Some commonly targeted areas include: flexible and independent thinking, creativity, real world problem solving, and sharing opinions, thoughts and perspectives.

Our Mission

Sage provides a carefully designed learning environment, where your student with special needs can begin or continue their academic and social/emotional education in collaboration with your home-based RDI® Program. We are proud to offer your family this unique learning opportunity, which will provide your child with individualized instruction and consistent expectations and communication between home and school.

While academics are a focus at Sage, other primary goals are imbedded into activities based on the student’s deficit areas. These include: strengthening verbal and nonverbal communication, encouraging a curiosity to learn and discover, working towards problem solving, flexible and grey area thinking, understanding abstract concepts, and improving language comprehension and perspective taking

Our Materials

Our classroom is carefully equipped with a variety of instructional materials, which are selected in response to the particular academic and sensory needs of students in attendance.

Our Students

Sage students come from a wide variety of schooling experiences, both home and school-based. Our commitment is to meeting your students’ individual learning needs while simultaneously promoting the ongoing development of their dynamic intelligence through RDI® principles and practice.


All academic programs are customized and individualized for each student’s needs. Prior to starting, we work closely with parents to determine the ideal schedule and amount of hours of academic instruction per week. Students are welcome to attend full or part time at the Sage Learning Center.

We’d like to meet you!

We welcome inquiries from interested families, and would be delighted to meet with you and address your questions. Families who are not current clients of TAG, Inc may prepare for this meeting by attending one of our monthly in-service sessions, where they will gain a basic understanding of the RDI® Program.

Contact Us

Please contact us to schedule an evaluation or to discuss your family’s needs in detail with us.

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