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Life Balance Yoga Therapy: an emotional and physical wellness program at TAG.

TAG’s Yoga Therapy Programs are customized by Kathryn Bovino, a certified Life Balance Yoga Therapy Instructor, and are based on the needs of the client. She strives to support individuals, siblings, families, parents, and groups with the development of emotional and physical wellness.  Kathryn offers a combination of supports that include (but not limited to): yoga, guided meditation, reflection, as well as symbolic poses leading to enhancements in relationships, and team building opportunities.


What is Life Balance Yoga Therapy?

It is a therapeutic, alignment based style of hatha yoga that was developed by Stacy Renz, OTR/L, E-500 RYT, Certified Yoga Therapist after her training with Joseph LePage of Integrative Yoga Therapy Program (IYT) and her extensive experience as an occupational therapist.  Kathryn was trained and certified as a Life Balance Yoga Therapy instructor by Stacy Renz in 2008 and has been supporting individuals with the approach ever since.

The goal of the approach is to support individuals in finding balance within their physical structures, their emotions, their thoughts, their breath, and their lives.  Many other types of yoga are focused on the particular style of yoga and not the individual who is practicing it.  In contrast, Life Balance Yoga Therapy is about awareness and alignment, meeting each individual exactly where they are in the moment.  This leads to life-long health and balance and minimizes the chance of injury.  Taking in to account each practitioners individual differences, ability, alignment, safety and growth results in a more therapeutic approach and embodies the true purpose of a yoga practice. 

Life Balance Yoga Therapy strives to provide the right amount of challenge for each participant.  Modifications and physical adjustments can be given to support a beginner and additional challenges can be provided for the more advanced.  Regardless of the level of the student, Life Balance Yoga Therapy seeks to address the particular limitations and areas of deficit for each individual which in turn creates a challenging practice for each person.


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What sets Kathryn apart as a teacher?

  • She focuses on a therapeutic approach to yoga and not just the physical poses.
  • She teaches intuitively to address the needs of each individual.
  • She provides modifications necessary for those that may need additional support physically or emotionally.
  • She uses a variety of modalities that support the individual’s ability to find healing and balance in their life.
  • She uses appropriate cueing for beginner to advanced students to support them in reaching their true potential.
  • She uses ample spotlighting to encourage participation and foster feelings of competence.
  • She incorporates RDI, behavioral or other goals into each session as appropriate.
  • She focuses on the development of self-awareness, self-regulation, co-regulation, relationships, and reflection.



Services Provided

  • Private Yoga Therapy sessions (individual and partner)
  • Private and small group yoga classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students
  • Guided mediation and relaxation exercises
  • Breathing techniques
  • Mindfulness Meditation Practices
  • Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)
  • Partner work for relationship development
  • Team Building opportunities
  • Restorative yoga
  • Private Aerial Yoga (limited to 1-2 students)
  • Prenatal Yoga- private and group
  • Parent and me classes

Also available:

  • Personal audio and/or video recording sessions
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