“Helping the body and brain work more efficiently”

What is HANDLE?

HANDLE stands for Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment & Learning Efficiency. It is a “system approach” that respects clients’ and families’ unique needs. HANDLE includes consideration of an individual’s physical body, brain, emotional make-up, social components, environmental factors and nutrition. It supports the client’s integrity and self-image. A HANDLE program develops or enhances sensory-motor systems and processing modalities that support higher level learning. It helps an individual’s unique body and brain work more efficiently through enhancement of irregular systems. HANDLE enhances an individual’s systems so that he or she can achieve without expending so much effort.

What is Gentle Enhancement®?

The HANDLE Institute has copyrighted the term “Gentle Enhancement.” HANDLE programs gently enhance stressed systems. Family members are instructed to stop any activity at the first sign of stress. This is based on the concept that stressed systems do not learn or grow, they shut down.

What is a HANDLE Screening?

A HANDLE screening includes an intake questionnaire that addresses health issues, hypo and hyper-sensitivities, school challenges, behaviors that are a concern, and environmental issues. It also identifies concerns in the areas of academics/organization, attention/focus, auditory issues, body image and movement, emotional and social issues, health issues, self expression, sleep difficulties, touch sensitivities and visual issues. During a screening, the screener observes how a client performs the specific sequence of activities and how basic interactive systems and processing modalities serve, or don’t serve the client. A unique program is established by the screener to enhance systems and processing modalities that are found to be irregular. The program is activity based and supported by nutrition and compensatory measures. Some individuals may not be appropriate for a screening. In these cases, a full HANDLE evaluation will be recommended. HANDLE screenings are not appropriate for children under the age of five or those who are unable to follow directions.

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