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Occupational Therapy Example

This clip is the culmination of a 2 year OT program where Zach developed many critical skills that he did not have, including balance, motor planning, bilateral coordination, and sequencing. He also gradually developed better self regulation, self control, body awareness, and organization, all of which allowed him to interact in meaningful age level activities with his sister Olivia. We love how he is so focused, in control, and emotionally connected throughout this activity. Both Zach and Olivia are having fun together, the way siblings should!


RDI® Example (Collaboration)

This clip illustrates a true collaboration between a teen and his mom. Together they are enjoying generating different ways to dance. Notice how they fluidly add ideas, monitor one another, and partake in each other’s moves. Our favorite part however is when Adam spins and twirls his mom. This is such a warm and connected moment, which resulted in a long lasting, emotional memory. It is probably no surprise to hear that this family continues to enjoy many “dance parties” together.