RDI® Example (DYAD)

This is an example of a session involving an RDI® dyad (clients needs to be able to participate with a peer at their level without significant support). Prior to this clip, both girls spent many years with their parents working on developmental milestones and breakdown areas. Once they were developmentally ready they were paired together to participate in opportunities that fostered, problem solving, collaboration, emotional engagement, and a true friendship. Our favorite part of this clip is when the girls celebrate in excitement about their accomplishment of busting the door open. Notice how they celebrate and even comment, “Let’s do it again,” following all of their efforts to help one another. This type of experience builds and establishes a true episodic memory (memory that involves an emotional experience and a learning opportunity).

RDI® Example (Referencing Nonverbal Communication )

This short clip shows a mom supporting her daughter at the grocery store in making discoveries about nonverbal communication, specifically eye gaze and some head gestures. Prior to this clip, this mother and daughter focused on many similar types of opportunities in the home setting, in addition to practicing this with her father. It was time to expand her understanding and try it in the community! Notice how her mom gets down at her daughter’s eye level so she can guide her to see what she is gazing at. Once her daughter makes a choice, her mom gives her feedback (mostly nonverbally). This demonstrates how a parent can effectively support her child and offer opportunities for growth while helping her be successful in a community setting.