RDI® Example (Guided Participation)

This clip is a good example of a dad supporting his son to participate in a meaningful real life activity. Prior to the clip, this father and son spent months collecting and sorting items by glass vs. cans. This established a guided opportunity which ultimately resulted in what you see here, a trip to the recycling center! Be aware of how the dad demonstrates what needs to be done and how his son responds to his dad’s nonverbal communication. In response, Andrew joins his dad in carrying out the many tasks involved, without direct prompting. Notice how excited and competent he appears while involved in a community based activity. It is important to pay attention to how his dad slows down and adjusts his support so his son can be successful, especially when he is counting the money he earned! Also notice that his sister had the role of taping the interaction which helped her play a part in supporting her brother’s growth.

RDI® Example (Self-Reflection)

This clip offers an example of a mom supporting her son in reflecting on his progress on goals they developed together (becoming more independent in the community and refraining from talking about special interest topics with others while doing so). Notice how she encourages him to make discoveries and refrains from giving him the answers. During this process, she uses a visual support, allows processing time, communicates using indirect cues and specific feedback and shares her perspective. Having regular discussions like this have resulted in her son having an increase in self-awareness, self-regulation, and independence.